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Differentiated technology and know-how


Classone is the Company to Create the Value of Billiards Sports

  Classone is the specialist that produces and develops high-end billiards cloth. Furthemore, Classone is using only verified and outstanding materials for the differentiation against competitors. Classone has the principle of 100% domestic production and supplies the best products under all-in-one manufacturing system from factory thru spinning, weaving, dyeing to the final finishing process.
  Classone is always trying to do the best to maintain the high-end quality standard and to improve better than now for the new product development based on the 50-year-long accumulated technical know-how. Additionally, Classone accomplishs important roles as a sponsor for players and sports events globally. Classone stimulates Korean billiards sports market for the continuous development by agressive investment and marketing activites as well.

High class fabrics with "classone" technology added


T5 provide the best quality to the best player.

  It is Classone T-5 that is manufactured with not only the high technology spinning but also the best quality of wool.
  Classone T-5 is durable not to be damaged easily by friction and stroke.
  Classone T-5 involving both the less ball mark and the less tolerance of detrition provides consistent speed control in order to make players best condition.
  • Consistent rotation
    of the ball
  • Strong durability
  • Soft , fast speed
    and control
  • Excellent control
    of cue
  • Supreme Quality
    of spinning

High-quality fabric production system that produces the whole process domestically

NON-STOP Unification system


    CLASSONE is dyeing 3.7 million kgs threads
    textiles every year with advanced-computer
    “COMPUTER COLOR MATCHING” and the newest
    equipment to dye raw materials,
    threads and textiles.


    2.8 million kgs worsted yarn every year
    with perfect “BLENDING SYSTEM” and
    the newest equipment making it possible
    to produce high- grad special textile
    and cashmere and angora as well as
    general worsted yarn.


    CLASSONE is having high-powered Rapier
    weaving machines, automatic drawing-in
    machines and producing annually over
    10 million yards faultless grey fabrics.


    CLASSONE is having optimized facilities
    and process to satisfy consumer’s needs
    and taste and producing annually over
    10 million yards high quality worsted
    and woolen fabrics.


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